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Wheel Balancer User Manual

wheel balancer user manual

Before installation and use of the wheel balancer, you should carefully read this installation and operation manual. And keep this manual in hand for reference at any time. You should be sure that all the operators have read this manual to guarantee the most perfect functions of the machine and meanwhile the safety.


The purpose of this manual is to provide the owner and operator of this machine with a set of safe and practical instructions for the use and maintenance of the wheel balancer. If such instructions are carefully followed, the machine will offer you the levels of efficiency and duration.


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(1) Place a tire and wheel assembly on the Balancer (make sure that the foot pedal is in the“OFF” position). (2) Using the leveling legs, CENTER the bubble on the CROSS HAIRS. (3) Turn the Balancer on, using the foot pedal. (4) Balance the tire and wheel assembly.

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Review Bosch Wheel Service product manuals and literature for brake lathes, tire changers, wheel alignment and balancer systems & more. Read or download PDFs here.

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• The wheel balancer does not have an electrical surge protector. The user should supply a surge protector to avoid damage to the wheel balancer in the event of an electrical surge or storm. • Do not use the wheel balancer beyond its measurement or weight range. Using the wheel balancer beyond its measurement or weight range could cause ...

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A video wheel balancer for cars and light trucks, the geodyna ® 9000p features fully automatic non-contact acquisition of all data via 3D imaging technology and five high-resolution cameras, the Power Clamp clamping system, pinpoint easyWEIGHT laser, plus a touch screen interface for unequaled usability, performance and precision.


Hunter Engineering has a full-line of wheel balancing machines that provide the fastest and most efficient balance. Browse Hunter wheel balancers and learn what balancer is best for your shop.

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Before installation and use of the wheel balancer, you should carefully read this installation and operation manual. And keep this manual in hand for reference at any time. You should be sure that all the operators h ave read this manual to guarantee the most perfect functions of the machine and meanwhile the safety. 2.1PROTECTIVE HOOD ...

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John Bean BFH 1000 Series Operators Manual 1.0 INTRODUCTION Congratulations on purchasing the BFH 1000 Series Computer Ride Diagnostic Wheel Balancer. This wheel bal- ancer is designed for ease of operation, accuracy, reliability and speed. With proper maintenance and care your wheel balancer will provide many years of trouble-free operation.


SmartWeight® Wheel Balancers Intuitive wheel balancers that offer upscale, premium features. Hunter's wheel balancers feature patented SmartWeight® technology, built to improve balance, minimize weight usage and maximize productivity.

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The Model EEWB304A Wheel Balancer is intended for use by properly trained auto-motive technicians. The safety messages presented in this section and throughout the manual are reminders to the operator to exercise extreme caution when servicing tires with these products.

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Balancer Manuals: Tire Changer Manuals. GUFO ML450; COLIBRI BL512 (20") GRIFONE SL 516; FALCO AF3000; FALCO AL520; FALCO AL720; KWIKWAY 508; KWIKWAY 540; DIDO 30; DIDO 56/56A; Additional Manuals. SBM 130; SBM 55-55S; SBM 850; Calibri BL512; FALCO NA526; TC422-425-428; FALCO AL530; Jumbo TCS 26; JUMBO TCS 52; JUMBO TCS60; KWIKWAY 545 MANUAL; SBM ...


DST-2420 (5140156) Wheel Balancer / 36 mm Shaft / 30" Maximum Wheel Diameter Capacity. The highly accurate DST-2420 dynamic wheel balancer ensures an accurate result within hundredths of an ounce, so you can give your clients vibration-free wheel balance every time.

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The GSP9700 Series Vibration Control System is a wheel balancer with the added capabilities of measuring tire/wheel Road Force, Lateral Force, and wheel runout. The GSP9700 simulates a “road test”, with a unique “load roller” which applies up to 1400 pounds of force against the rotating assembly. The roller measures the loaded

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User Manual Parts Manual G10156.15M User Manual Parts Manual. Troubleshooting/Repair. GTB-16N Series Return Line Filter Kits ↑Top Balancers. GTL4.140H User Manual Parts List Service Manual Setup & Calibration GTL4.140G User Manual Parts List Service Setup & Calibration GTL2.120H User Manual Parts List Service Manual Setup & Calibration ↑Top ...

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Shop and Compare Wheel Balancers. Equipment Sales stocks hundreds of Atlas® computer wheel balancers in our brick and mortar showroom / warehouse locations. We stock motorized and hand spin wheel balancers with the capacity to be used on motorcycles, cars and light trucks, as well as over the road semi trucks.

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Wheel balancers have had to change lately to accommodate the very large wheels now available for many cars. The thing is though, unless you run an auto shop that specialises in balancing modern wheels or selling tires for them, it may be better to outsource a few wheel balance jobs for larger wheels, and keep your old machine at least until we see where this large wheel trend ends.

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The CB255 is an extremely reliable, most versatile wheel balancer capable of handling most any wheel. Extremely easy to use, with self diagnostics, self calibration, alloy wheel functions with USER FRIENDLY split and hidden weight program and a DIRECT WEIGHT placement program.

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tance arm out of the balancer until it touc hes the rim( figure 1 2). Place the small end of the handle against the recessed portion of the inside flange of the wheel.

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Shop Bosch’s series of wheel alignment & balancer systems, heavy duty tire changers & more! In addition to your brake lathe purchase, receive 50 free bits - see how!

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UnitedProducts Presents Operating the WB-1100 Wheel Balancer http://www.americanautomotiveequipment.com/AmericanProducts-Model-AWB-1100-p/awb1100.htm Text tr...

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Eagle Equipment Warranty. Eagle Equipment warrants to the original retail purchaser of an Eagle Lift, Tire Changer or Wheel Balancer that it will replace without charge, in the United states or Canada any part found under normal use, to be defective in materials or workmanship, for a period of one (1) year from date of purchase.Warranty covers parts only; purchaser is responsible for any and ...

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SAVEMORE4U18 Portable Bubble Wheel Balancer with Bubble Level Static Balancing Machine Tire Changer Auto Car Wheel Repair Balancer 4.0 out of 5 stars 15 $66.50 $ 66 . 50 $69.90 $69.90

Wheel Balancer User Manual

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Wheel Balancer User Manual